VANTASY DESIGNS Art by Ashley Vance
VANTASY DESIGNSArt by Ashley Vance


Get your original painting from me your favorite artist Ashley Vance!




Live art, Love art, there is power in creativity!


Vantasy Designs is an art and interior consulting company focused on letting the art work of Ashley Vance tranform your space.  Providing original paintings designed to make a statement and bring your space to life. Ashley Vance has helped many clients to bring their visions to life and create unique pieces that are one of a kind, bold, and vibrant!


Over the years,  Vantasy Designs has earned a reputation for excellence in the field of art and consulting services. Ashley Vance works with her clients to figure out a piece that fits their taste and style and to let the art be the inspiration in the design of your home or space.  She has let her creative craft elevate her to new levels in the art realm, from gallery shows to special events she will provide the art that leaves the room in awe. 

Contact Me!

To schedule an art consultation and get a personal piece made or to find out more about the services offered, please call Ashley Vance at 614-500-3958 or send an email


News & Events

Arianna's Birthday Paint and Party
LifeCare Alliance Paint and Sip

<< Paint Parties>>        Get your tickets here!                                      "-Arianna's Birthday Paint and Party. This will be held Saturday July 28th from 5-7:30pm. Location provided by the host.                                                                                 -LifeCare Alliance Paint and Sip!" This event will be Thursday August 23rd, 2018 from 5-7:30pm at 670 Harmon Ave. Columbus, Oh 43223 in the LA Catering Event Center

Get Social with Us!

We are excited to announce that that Paint Parties With Ashley are the new craze as she walks you step by step through making your own masterpiece.  If you are looking for a fun and interactive night with friends, family, and mates plan a Paint Party for your next birthday, couples night, team building event, bachelorette party, and other special occasions! Provided is your paint, canvas, paint brushes, and smocks.  Book your Paint Party Now!!! $25 per person and $30 to include wine.



Private Parties:

- August 23rd- LifeCare Alliance Paint and Sip!



**Coming Soon!! Details on 2018 Art Show


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